Far from conformities, Maison Monzerian uses all its know-how to let women fully express their personalities and put their body back at the center of creation.

The original design of the “jewellery” pieces, the lightness of the models with multiple cuts, reveal the curves of a modern, confident woman who asserts her sensuality, fully aware of the beauty of her body.

Our story

Beyond the passion for fashion, Maison Monzerian’s DNA is based on the originality of the garment. 

Jordan Monzerian, the founder, draws her love for clothing and fabrics from the depths of her origins. A grandfather, an Armenian tailor, who cut his teeth in Yerevan, the capital, in love with sewing in the noble sense of the term, for whom each model wanted to be unique.

Far beyond her roots, the designer is nourished by the strength and determination of her multi-cultural heritage. At the crossroads between Armenia and Corsica, his other homeland, land of celebration and fire, land of a thousand colors. She draws inspiration from her travels, through time, to harmonize a line of which she wrote her first chapter, timeless and out of place.

Jordan then delivers collections with atypical, fluid and openwork shapes, with the aim of sublimating the female body in complete freedom.

...Day and night, Maison Monzerian creations become the constant expression of a daily state of mind...”